Philosophy - Silenzio Visivo

We find ourselves surrounded by the noise and chaos of contemporary life, constantly connected to it, leading us seek the sanctuary of silence in our homes - VISUAL SILENCE - that can release our mind, allow our thoughts to flourish and our soul to thrive.

Our aim is to create calm through a rigorous process of subtraction of the unnecessary. Purity of form is the result of this process, where every kitchen element is outwardly simplified. Conventional distractions - handles, plinths, appliances - are reduced to a visual minimum. Monolithic, monochromatic and mono-material sculptural objects bring unity to the spaces they occupy through material expression and the language of minimalism. Our mission statement: Inner calm, where the space 'left' is as important as the space filled, and the design speaks volumes without the need to shout.


minotticucine was founded in 1949 by Adriano Minotti. His son Alberto took over the company in the 1990's. He introduced his philosophy of 'mediterranean essentialism', drawing inspiration from the natural stone quarries in the local area. This led to a period of design innovation - The first company to have furniture systems to hide functional items in a kitchen. The first to use 60mm thick stone slab worktops with a natural broken edge, and the first to manufacture solid stone kitchens. minotticucine has transcended the boundaries of kitchen design and become a leading supplier of luxury kitchens worldwide. Alberto remains the creative force behind the brand today.

minotticucine is a division of ASSO Group, owned by the Venturini and Zardini families. They continue to drive the company forward with their belief and passion in the brand.

The UK showroom is run by David and Achala Knights, who first introduced minotticucine to the UK market in 2001. They will be joined by some of the original team who made minotticucine one of the most coveted and recognised brands in London.